Although our project administration offers a variety of possibilities to manage and analyse your multimomentanalysis, you might need the data outside of the administration panel from time to time. We provide a couple of files that offer helpful insights to your project and may be downloaded for further usage. In the administration of your project, go to Reporting > Export. There you will find a list of downloadable files. Most of them are created for programs belonging to the Microsoft Office suite, so you will need Microsoft Office to open the files. To download a file, simply click it's icon. Your browser should automatically start downloading the file.


Notification Export

This Excel sheet contains a list of all answered notifications. With each notification the dimensions assigned to the answering participant as well as the dimensions assigned to the selected answers are displayed.


Participant Export

This Excel sheet lists various information about all participants of your multimomentanalysis. 


Participant Sheets

This PDF file contains the QR code, username and password of each participant, one participant per page. You may print this file and distribute the pages to your participants before your multimomentanalysis starts.