In the general administration, password policies may be set to enhance the security of your multimomentanalysis. These policies will be applied to all of your projects. After you signed in successfully, an overview of all existing projects is displayed. To access the administration of password policies, click the orange welcome button in the upper right corner of your browser. A dropdown menu should appear. Click Administration. Finally, in the left navigation click Settings. The details of every password policy are displayed in seperate boxes.

With each password policy the following settings are available:

Minimum Length: The minimum amount of characters of each password.

Upper Case: How many upper case characters should each password contain.

Numbers: How many numbers should each password contain.

Symbols: How many symbols (non-alphanumeric characters) should each password contain.

Change every [days]: How often should users change their passwords. Please note, that this is only available for user passwords.

Disallow reuse of last x passwords: Set how many last passwords may not be reused as a user's password. Please note, that this is only available for user passwords.

Generate new QR token after x uses: How often may a participant use a QR token before the system generates a new one. Please note, that this is only available for participant passwords.


How to edit the password policies:

1. Sign in to the administration panel.

2. In the upper right corner, click the welcome button.

3. Click Administration.

4. In the left navigation click Settings.

5. Decide which password policy you wish to edit and click the corresponding grey edit button editsettings on top of the policy's box.

6. Enter your changes in the dialog's form.

7. Click Save.