Project Status

Every project runs through four different status during it's lifetime. You decide, when your project's status changes. Depending on the selected status, some functions of the Multimomentanalysis may not be fully available. Connect to the administration panel and select your project. Go to Project Setup > Settings. There, all available project status are displayed (see image below). Click a status to select it.

settings status

The following project status are available:

This is the first status of every project. It is automatically assigned when you create your project. The project needs to be configured, dimensions and participants need to be added. No notifications are sent to your participants.

The project is configured and all necessary participants, dimensions, questions and answers were created. You may now test your settings. Your participants can answer notifications until your project reaches a total of 500 notifications. When you select this status, all notifications will be deleted.

You successfully completed your test phase. Your participants will be notified according to their notification times until the end of your project.

Your project is completed. With our analysis tools, you are able to visualise and interpret your results. As soon as you select this status, the project status cannot be changed anymore.