The User Interface


After you signed in successfully, you will be redirected to the home screen. At the top of the application, an orange bar is displayed, containing the menu button (left corner) and the refresh button (right corner). Additionally, it tells you where you currently are within the application. The client provides a side menu that can be accessed by clicking the menu button in the upper left corner of the application and - if you are using the mobile client - by swiping your finger from left to right. The menu can be used to navigate within the application. If you wish to close the menu, simply click on the menu button again or swipe your finger from right to left. Please note, that the side menu is only available after you signed in successfully.




The side menu contains the following menu items:

Home: Here, you can start and stop the notification service. An infobox indicates whether or not you are currently supposed to receive notifications as well as the total number of missed notifications.

Missed Notifications: A list of all missed notifications that you may answer.

Sent Notifications: All notifications that were answered by you in the last 24 hours. Depending on the settings of your multimomentanalysis, you may edit some of the most recent notifications.

Settings: Here you can set a new password for your account, change the server's domain and - if you are using the web client - switch the application's language. If you are using our mobile application, you may also synchronise the date and time of your device with the server.

Information: Here you can view all answers available to you for the individual questions of the study.

Help: This is a link to the documentation you are currently reading.

Logout: By clicking this menu item, you will be logged out and redirected back to the login form of the application.