Creating a New Project

project form

After you signed in successfully an overview of all your projects is shown to you. With each project, the selected anonymization level, the total number of notifications and participants is displayed as well as the current study status. You may edit the settings of a project by clicking the blue pencil icon and delete it by clicking the red trash can icon. If you wish to copy a project, simply click the green copy symbol. Use the filter on top of the project overview to hide or show specific projects. If you want to create a new project, click the grey plus icon in the upper right corner of the browser's window or click Create new project. Then, fill out the form appearing in a dialog (see image on the left) and click Save.


The form asks you to enter a number of information: 

Client: You may assign your new project to a specific client.

Anonymization Level: How would you like your project data to be anonymised.

Number: If you are using a specific numbering for your projects, you can enter the number for this project here.

Name: The only mandatory input. Give a name to your new project.

Description: If needed, you can enter a short description of your project here. It will be displayed in the overview of all your projects.

Default Time Zone: Select a time zone for your project.


Description: Enter notes and comments about your project.


Dimensioning: You may add up to five different dimensions for your participants (i.e. location, business role, ...).


Use Cost Calculation: Activate the checkbox if you wish to use the estimated calculation of personnel costs for your study.


Begin: Set the start date for your study.

End: Set the end date for your study.

Interval [min]: Enter the average amount of minutes in between two notifications.

synchronous: Enable if you want your participants to receive their notifications simultaneously.

Allow Answering Notifications [min]: Enter the maximum time in minutes during which participants may answer their notifications.

Notification Time (Sunday - Saturday): Enter the hours during which participants will receive notifications.


Mute: Allow your participants to mute their devices by activating this checkbox.

Content of push messages: Specify the content of each push message sent to your participants during your multimomentanalysis.