What can I do if the service is not responding or the device shuts down?

If the application does not respond or if you have noticed that your device did not create any notification alerts in the last few hours, perform a restart of your device. Please check your device's manual for instructions. Finally, launch our application and continue with your notifications.

What can I do if the application shuts down unexpectedly?

In exceptional cases, the application might shut down unexpectedly. Your device will display a system message to inform you (see below). After confirming the system message, you will be redirected back to the application or the device's home screen. Do not worry, your notifications are safe. Nevertheless, you should check whether or not the notification service is still running. If needed, start the service again and continue with your notifications as usual.


What can I do if I do not hear the notification alert?

Please adapt the sound settings of your device to your work environment. If required, turn the volume up. Nevertheless, we recommend to check from time to time if a new notification is available and if the notification service is still running.

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